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Training Courses Available
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Candidates completing our fibre optic training course will now receive a voucher code to use online offering 15% off CCS products.


Fibre optic links are becoming an increasingly common part of cabling infrastructures. Installers have to be competent when specifying, terminating, testing and installing fibre optics. The Connectix Fibre Optic Termination Course provides delegates with the hands-on practical experience and theoretical knowledge needed to successfully terminate fibres on site.

Coverage of typical LAN applications and their specific fibre requirements will provide delegates with the confidence to specify the correct type of fibre for intended application while also considering environmental factors.

Coverage of fibre optic testing will demonstrate ho w to prove successful in cable installation and termination.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gives delegates confidence to install and test fibre optic cables and connectors successfully.
  • The relationship of fibre optic cabling to commonly specified cabling standards will be understood.
  • Fibre optic technology overview with theory of operation relating to real world applications.
  • Hands-on termination and demonstration of glue and polish, fusion splicing and crimping methods.
  • Certificate awarded for successful completion based on an examination pass.
  • 7 BICSI CEC Credits available upon course completion.


Course Description:

The Connectix Fibre Optic Termination Course is a one day course with the following key elements. A mixture of theory
presentation, practical demonstration and hands on exercises are used to relate theory to real world scenarios.

Introduction to Connectix

  • Background, history and activities


Course Introduction

  • Course materials, objectives, assessment


Fibre Optic Cabling Theory

  • What is fibre optics?
  • How does it compare to copper and where is it used?
  • Fibre within the structured cabling standards
  • Fibre for data communication applications
  • Theory of fibre optics
  • Fibre types, construction and common terminology
  • Transmission of light – loss measurement


Practical Detail

  • Fibre cable construction and selection
  • Fibre connectors
  • Link specification example
  • Specifying links; calculation of link loss
  • The ISO/IEC11801 OM1/2/3 grading system
  • Fibre cable installation considerations
  • Presentation of installed fibre links
  • Fibre termination – health and safety considerations
  • Review of termination methods with summary
  • Fibre preparation for termination
  • Practical termination exercises
  • Glue and polish
  • Fusion splicing
  • Rapid fibre


Fibre Link Testing

  • Why test? What to test?
  • Methods of testing
  • Different types of test equipment
  • Testing exercise
    • Loss testing with light source and meter



Course Description - Continued

The fibre course aims to offer a balanced mix of theory and practice relating to the use of fibre optic cabling within the structured cabling system standards EIA/TIA-568C, ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition and EN50174. Application standards are also introduced with regard to the importance of their consideration when specifying fibre cable and connector types for particular applications.

This course requires no prior knowledge or experience. Inexperienced delegates will leave with adequate knowledge, confidence and practical experience for specification and successful installation of fibre optic links. Delegates new to fibre optic cabling and those already experienced in practical installation will improve their formal knowledge of the theory behind the operation of fibre and the choices available in selection of fibre and termination methods.

The course is run by a fully qualified Connectix Cabling Systems structured cabling trainer who is constantly updated in line with the rapidly changing standards, technologies and terminologies. Upon completion of the course an examination is taken by each delegate, successful candidates are awarded a certificate acknowledging their competence.

Practical Exercise – Key Activities

The practical elements of this course are based on two termination methods: connector glue and polish, non-polish crimp on connector and, time permitting, fusion splicing of pre-terminated ‘pigtails’. Time available allows for hands on experience of glue and polish with a  demonstration of fusion splicing. The key objectives are for delegates to become competent in fibre optic termination, understanding the relative merits of each method covered. Please note that fibre optic polishing may require subsequent practice to achieve a high quality result under production conditions. Overall the practical exercises and demonstrations cover;

Fibre cable preparation, fibre cleaving, connector glue loading, fibre connector threading, glue curing, hand polishing,
connector visual inspection, connector crimp, optical loss testing.

Connectix Training – General Guidance & Information

Training is held at the Connectix Training Centre based at the Connectix HQ in Braintree, Essex.

If required courses can be held externally at a customers site. Typically 6 or more delegates will be required to justify an external course.

Please note that while external courses aim to provide the same value as those held in our training centre the practical exercises may not be as comprehensive or offer the same level of learning benefit.

Training Centre Opening / Course Time Tables

The training centre will be open from 8:45am with a selection of tea, coffee and snacks available.

Courses aim to finish by 5:00pm with the training centre being closed by 5:30pm.

The course timetable may be flexible during the day however we have to start promptly, please ensure you can arrive at the start time specified in the course itinerary.

Most course schedules start with an informal refreshment and introduction session with the formal sessions starting thereafter, typically at 9:00am.

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Fibre Optic Training Course

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Gives delegates Confidence to install and test Fibre optic cable and connectors successfully

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