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Installation Tools

We offer a variety of Tools to help with the installation of your voice and data products. We stock complete toolkits or the individual tools which include Screwdrivers, Cutters, Punchdown tool, Cable stripper and Tester.

Inside Installation Tools

  • Crimp Tools (1 Product)

    We hold stock of a wide selection of crimp tools for use with RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 and BNC Connectors

  • Testers (2 Products)

    Cablemonkey stock a large range of testers suitable for every application from simple continuity testers to full analyser and validation test tools

  • Tools (7 Products)

    Cable monkey offers a wide range of tools to help make installation quick and simple. These tools have been selected for use specifically with Connectix Cabling System products

  • Quick view

    Simple tool used to remove PatchLock Leads from Sockets

    €5.60 €6.89 Inc VAT.

    This simple tool is compatible with the PatchLock RJ45 Patch Leads and used to remove the leads from RJ45 Sockets More Info

  • Quick view

    Universal Crimp Tool

    €22.38 €27.52 Inc VAT.

    This universal crimp tool works with RJ45 and RJ12 plugs. More Info

  • Quick view

    The Pocket Socket Tester is the ideal tool to check continutity and connectivity

    €23.52 €28.93 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Pocket Socket Tester is a quick, easy to use tool to verify connectivity. Its unique snap-together design makes it easy to take on-site. The tester gives an instant indication of the connections present, because its four bi-colour LEDs indicate the status of the pairs in the cabling. A separate indicator also shows the shield connection for shielded systems. The circuitry has been specially designed to identify crossover patch cords. But the tester is equally suited to check a single patch cord or a complete channel. Features:... More Info

  • Quick view

    Punchdown tool for terminating on Krone Style IDCs

    €11.14 €13.71 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Cabling system Punch down tool is perfect when terminating the back of any Connectix Cabling System RJ45 Patch Panels or Module. More Info

  • Quick view

    Simple tool for stripping the outer sheath of cables

    €5.60 €6.89 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Cable Stripper is the ideal way of stripping data cables. Its fully encapsulated blades ensure a precisely controlled and constant cutting depth, without the risk of nicking individual wires or fingers. And with only one rotation of the stripper, it removes cable outer jackets of all common shielded and unshielded data cables up to a diameter of 8mm. In addition, it can also be used to strip the outer jacket of RG58 and RG59 size coaxial cables. Features: Controlled cutting depth Encapsulated blades for maximum safety Minimises... More Info

  • Quick view

    A simple toolkit for all your stuctured cabling installation needs

    €42.00 €51.66 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Cabling Systems Installation Toolkit contains all the tools needed for installing data cabling in one convenient package. The kit contains a pozi-drive screwdriver for cage nuts and cabinet shelves, and a flat blade screwdriver for faceplate screws. It also includes a set of wire cutters, a punchdown tool, cable stripping tool and the Connectix Tester - an easy to use diagnostic tool to confirm connectivity of installed cabling. Features: Contains all the tools required for structured cabling termination Housed in a convenient... More Info

  • Quick view

    Flat Head Screwdriver

    €1.68 €2.07 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Cabling system flat blade screwdriver is the perfect tool for using with faceplate screws More Info

  • Quick view

    Cross Head Screwdriver

    €2.24 €2.76 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Cabling System Crosshead screwdriver is ideal for use with Cage nuts and cabinet shelves. More Info

  • Quick view

    125mm Side cutters

    €3.92 €4.82 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Cabling system wire cutters are the ideal tool to be kept by your side when installing a cabling system. More Info

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