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Been desperate for some cables for a while, particularly long USB extenders and USB3 but my old suppliers are no longer. Came across Cable Monkey by chance on the web, worth a try. Something screwed up on my first order (remote location, internet dodgy?) so delighted that their support team were able to sort things out with clear explanations rapidly. Successfully placed an order, which was duly delivered as expected.This is not only spot-on performance but brilliant and friendly support too. Wish all online suppliers were this good!
20 hours ago
Mr r 
Recently I have made two separate purchases of RJ45 cables and both items arrived very promptly and were properly packaged. The quality of the cable and fittings is good and I would recommend this company.
22 hours ago
Excellent quality, quick delivery and good value.
23 hours ago
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SC Fibre Connectors and Adapters

SC Fibre Optic Connectors and Adapters available in Multimode & Singlemode

Inside SC Fibre Connectors and Adapters

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      SC Fibre Optic Connectors available in Multimode & Singlemode options

      €1.04 €1.28 Inc VAT.

      The SC connector is one of the most popular connectors used today. It can be seen in every area of the communications environment, from a telecoms distribution room to a Local Area Network closet. The SC connector has set the standard for optical fibre connectors. SC connectors are manufactured using the best quality components and they exceed all areas of the standards covering optical fibre connectors. The one-piece design features pre-radiused ceramic ferrules, and are suitable for use with two part heat curing epoxies and cold cure... More Info

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      SC Bulkhead Adapter available in Simplex/Duplex, Singlemode & Multimode Options

      €0.70 €0.86 Inc VAT.

      The SC adaptor set the standard for optical fibre interconnects. More Info

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      For use with 2 SC Simplex Connectors

      €1.04 €1.28 Inc VAT.

      Use the clip to hold the simplex connectors together, making them Duplex style. More Info

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