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Michael S - 08/12/2019

Didn't make it clear (I am not an expert) that this particular cable was better used as a Patch cable (my electrician tells me) and hence needed special termination (over and above Cat 6). And why no different lengths between 100 and 360 metres? Its just a waste.

Connectix Cat6a F/FTP External Cable has been designed to provide the exceptional performance required to support extremely high speed applications, including 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

The individually shielded pairs ensure maximum transmission, free from the problems of NEXT and alien crosstalk. The sheath is a Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material, suitable for use outside

Cat6a External Cable Details:

Cable typeCat6a LDPE U/FTP
ManufacturerConnectix Cabling Systems


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Cat6a External F/FTP LDPE Solid Cable (Reel)

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100mt or 305mt Reel of External Grade Cat6a Shielded Solid Core Cable for Outside Use More details

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